Specialists in Planning, installing and maintaining business networks.We are able to undertake projects of any scale, from home offices to larger multi site networks. If your business is growing,we can provide cost effective solutions that include desktop, computer network and server technology, and connectivity from Local Area Network (LAN) to Wide Area Network (WAN) computer infrastructure. After establishing the needs of your business we always carry out a survey of your premises and evaluate any existing equipment.We then send a written“fixed price”quote for our service.

Local and Wide Area Networks are two possible ways to configure your netwrok.We evaluate existing methodologies and procedures, and existing management system capabilitys based on your needs. With this assesment, we can prioritize network issues, build justifications for necessary improvements and evaluate the network’s capability of handling future growth. We can install entire new networks, out of hours, minimising any disruption to your business. We can transfer data from any PC we replace, gibing you a network which will be productive from day one. We have a facility for building, installing, and testing netwroks “off site”. This means we have ironed out potential glitches before installation at our premises