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The NCR Netkey solution is a powerful software platform for large-scale creation, delivery and remote management of customer-facing interactive experiences and digital signage across your enterprise.  Scalable and flexible enough for practically any self-service need, the NCR Netkey solution is used every day to power millions of customer interactions in retail, financial services, healthcare and travel. 

NCR Netkey enables you to drive revenue, enhance customer service and motivate your audiences via dynamic digital signage – all manageable centrally, in any combination, on one unified and secure software platform. To speed time-to-market and accelerate return on investment (ROI), NCR Netkey also offers pre-packed applications that streamline the creation of custom solutions for Endless Aisle, Build-to-Order, Loyalty and even Wayfinding.

The NCR Netkey Software Platform

NCR Netkey is a powerful software platform for large-scale creation, delivery and remote management of customer-facing interactive experiences and digital signage across your enterprise. more

NCR Netkey Manager is powerful, web-based systems management solution that makes it easy to deploy, monitor, manage and update self-service and digital signage applications and devices. NCR Netkey Manager is a highly scalable platform that can manage up to tens of thousands of devices, giving you flexibility, performance and lower operational costs. more

NCR Netkey Designer is an application authoring software solution that can give you a head start in developing secure and user-friendly applications for self-service kiosks that meet your specific business needs. more


NCR Netkey Kiosk Applications and Digital Signage

NCR Netkey Endless Aisle seamlessly integrates with your back-end ecommerce system to enable your customers to browse for product information, check inventory, compare products and order out-of-stock items or products not carried in the store. more.

NCR Netkey Build-To-Order solution delivers a convenient and successful customer experience, by enabling customers to place their special orders through self-service. Built on the robust, highly scalable NCR Netkey platform, the Build-to-Order Solution can help you give your customers better service while creating opportunities for you to drive additional revenue through upselling and cross-selling your products and services. more

NCR Netkey Loyalty solution enables you to extend your loyalty investment by leveraging it across multiple channels such as the web, in-store and mobile.more

NCR Netkey Digital Signage enables businesses to deliver a more personalized, interactive and timely message or promotion to consumers and employees where and when it has the greatest impact. more


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